Switched: Trylle Trilogy Book 1

Switched  - Amanda Hocking I won this book from a LibraryThing Early Reviewers giveaway. When I first started this book I was a little iffy about it. It started off a little slow and stiff, but once we get passed Wendy being in high school and she goes to Forening it really picks up. I loved the meeting between Wendy and the woman she believes to be her mother, Kim. The one thing that kinda irked me about this book was the beginning of the relationship between Wendy and Finn. I mean some guy stares at you all the time and stalks you so that makes you like him and then proceed to let him into your house, yeah that to me was a little unbelievable. However I did like their relationship after that, I just wish their relationship/friendship would have started off with a more plausible situation. I would recommend this book to teenage girls, and those who aren't teenagers but enjoyed young adult fantasy/sci-fi books.