Cold As Ice

Cold As Ice - Julie Mulhern

This is by far my favorite series published by Henery Press (I'm sure I've already said that a million times). I can't get enough of it and luckily enough I never have to wait too long for the next book of the series.


Ellison is back once again and to no one's surprise she finds another dead body. This time though not only is she caught up in the investigation as to who killed the dead person she also must find out just what is happening at the bank that is the inheritance left to her daughter from her late husband. 


Ellison's sense of humor is always a bright spot in this series. I also really enjoy the relationships she has with her friends and family. Any interaction between Ellison and her mother usually has me laughing. 


I was a teeny bit disappointed when it was revealed who the murderer was. I really wasn't extremely impressed with the reveal. What I did enjoy (surprisingly enough) was Ellison's discussion with Anarchy. That left me interested in seeing just what happens next in Ellison's life.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.