Cartwheel - Jennifer duBois I read Jennifer Dubois' debut, A Partial History of Lost Causes, and really enjoyed it so I was definitely interested in reading this book. I had also followed the Amanda Knox trial and was interested in reading this since it was inspired by that. While this book does have similarities to the trial there are also many differences.I enjoyed that throughout this book the point-of-view switched between a few characters. I felt that it really enhanced the story and allowed readers to get to know characters besides Lily better. I also enjoyed the time changes in the book, it allowed the events to slowly unravel.One of the characters that I found to be the most interesting and complex was Sebastien. He seemed to sort of lock himself away in the prison that was his house and lost all connection with the world. There seemed to be something more going on with him than just his grief over the death of his parents, and I just wanted to get inside his mind a bit more.I would recommend this book to those familiar with the Amanda Knox trial, but I think that this would be enjoyable even if you hadn't followed the trial.