Triangles - Ellen Hopkins

I won this book from a GoodReads first-read giveaway. When I signed up for the giveaway I had no idea that the book was in verse form. I found out that it was shortly after I won the book and that made me wary of the book. I wasn't sure if I would like how it was written. Once I started reading the book I realized that I worried for nothing. The book was written beautifully and if was so unique. I liked that it was so different from what I usually read.The book revolves around the lives of three middle-aged women; Holly, Andrea, and Marissa. All three of the women are going through difficult periods in their lives and because of these difficult periods their lives intersect each other. Andrea and Marissa are tied together through the bond of sisterhood, while Andrea and Holly are tied together through friendship.The women all react differently to their difficult situations. Holly who feels bored with her marriage and life looks into infidelity to spice up her life. Andrea who struggles with being a single mother looks for a man to love her and keeps finding Mr. Wrong, which eventually leads her into the arms of Holly's husband. Marissa who is dealing with an ill daughter and a rebellious gay son, spends all her time taking care of her daughter while her husband slips further and further away.I found myself absolutely annoyed with Holly throughout the book. She basically is just a shadow of herself to her family, of whom really need her, and basically obsesses over her lover. If she had only paid a little attention and acted like a parent, maybe she could have prevented her daughter Mikayla from getting pregnant, but no she had to have her own fun.I thought that Andrea should have kept up her affair with Jace, Holly's husband, because Holly basically threw away her marriage. What harm would it have been for Andrea to be with Jace? Although I do understand that she didn't want to be like Holly and have an affair. She wanted to be true to herself.I loved Marissa's devotion to her daughter, and to her son as well. I knew that Christian was cheating on her from the beginning, I could just sense it. I was/am so pissed that he left her to take care of Shelby all by herself; how could he be so selfish? I was hoping that Marissa would leave him, because even though she doesn't know it she is strong, he was the one that needed her. I don't think that they'll end up staying together much longer I just think they need to lean on each other right now.I would recommend this book to women of all ages.