Blackberry Winter

Blackberry Winter - Sarah Jio This is the first of Sarah Jio's books that I have read. Sarah Jio has just gained a fan in me. I loved this book so much that I stayed up overnight to finish it. Sarah Jio has put together a beautiful book that will pull on readers' heartstrings. This is a tale of two women from different time periods who share similar heartbreak.I loved reading about both Claire and Vera and how both their stories became eerily similar. I connected so well with both of them that I began to feel their sorrow. I loved reading about the two different time periods 1933 and 2010, both were written masterfully.I was absolutely swept away in the mystery of Vera and Daniel Ray. I became just as obsessed with what happened to them as Claire was. I was extremely happy with how the mystery unfolded and was in tears at the ending.I just can't say enough about this book and I definitely plan on recommending this book to others. This is a great read for book clubs and anyone wanting to read a story about a mother's love for her child.I received this book from a Librarything Early Reviewer's Giveaway, that does not affect the content of my review in any way.