The Gods of Gotham

The Gods of Gotham - This book has a hero that you can really get behind. Thomas Wilde is a former barman whose face becomes disfigured in a fire. He goes on to become one of the first policeman in New York City. He is definitely a hero that you can root for and connect to.This book was a great historical fiction with mystery thrown in. The characters were easy to connect to and I found myself falling in love with quite a few of them. The one thing regarding characters that I had a minor problem with was Mercy Underhill's 180 degree personality change during the book. I just didn't find the revelation of her whorish ways in the middle to be all that believable. It's not that I was rooting for her to be some chaste, charitable girl that would marry Thomas, but it just seemed like her personality was whiplashing. It didn't really detract from my interest in the story but it did cause me a bit of minor annoyance.I definitely was trying to solve the mystery all throughout the book and at the end found myself only 1/2 correct. I liked that the mystery wasn't that obvious.Overall I felt this was a great historical fiction book that will leave readers cheering for Thomas Wilde.