The Mirage

The Mirage - Matt Ruff I was drawn to this book once I read the summary. The whole premise of the book seemed fascinating to me. I haven't read much alternate history so I was excited to branch out into a different genre.It is clear to see that there was a huge amount of research put into this book. I loved how Ruff was able to intertwine real people into a fictional story and sort of fictionalizes them. I also really loved the fictional version of Wikipedia.I had seen some people state that this book was offensive, without even reading the book, and after having read the book I feel that they are wrong. Ruff took this controversial subject and handled it with grace. There is a message behind this book but the reader must keep an open mind to receive it.I would recommend this to alternate history fans.*I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway. In no way does that affect the content of my review.*