Practice Cake (Life in Saltwater City, #1)

Practice Cake (Life in Saltwater City, #1) - Dalya Moon I won this book from a Librarything Member's Giveaway. I thought the whole idea of the bakery reality show to be a great idea for a book so I was really interested in reading this book. After reading it I have mixed views on it. To me it seemed like two different people wrote this book. The writing style in the beginning is different than the writing style in the middle and end. To be quite honest when I was in the beginning of the book I thought I wouldn't end up liking the book. In the beginning the story seemed a little confusing and the characters seemed odd. This is not the case for the rest of the book.I actually became really into the story after the first couple chapters. The writing seemed to change and the story grew, for lack of a better word, deeper. The characters were entertaining, the story was interesting and I couldn't wait to see what would happen between Maddie and Drew. I found myself satisfied with what happened at the end of the book and I would actually consider reading a sequel if one were to come out. I overall enjoyed the book, except for the whole change in writing style thing, I would recommend this to teenage girls.