For Those Who Know the Ending

For Those Who Know the Ending - Malcolm Mackay

I really enjoyed following Nate Colgan in Malcolm Mackay's last book so I requested this book as soon as I saw it. While Nate appears in this book as well I just wasn't as interested in this one.


This book mainly follows Martin and Usman who partner together to rob the Jamieson organization. Martin, who is new to the area, is reluctant to work with Usman but Usman knows that Martin is the gunman that he needs.


I can't say that I was all that interested in Martin or Usman. I found them both annoying in their own ways and found it hard to at times want to read about them. I did enjoy reading about the final "job" that they worked together and was happy with the outcome of that job.


Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the galley.