The Bungalow

The Bungalow - Sarah Jio Ever since I read "BlackBerry Winter" last year and loved it I have been wanting to read more of Sarah Jio's books. I finally got the chance to read this book and know after reading it I am mad that it took me so long (I am currently obsessively checking my library's website to see when someone will return "The Violets of March" so that I can read it.) This book was beautifully written. I felt as though I was transported to Bora-Bora with Anne and Kitty. I loved that this book had romance, mystery, and twists. I love WWII historical fiction and this one didn't disappoint.I just can't say enough about the ending of this book. It was great and brought tears to my eyes.Well I hope my review made sense and I apologize for the insane rambling. I cannot wait to read "The Violets of March" and "The Last Camellia."