Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - This book is one that I probably would have really enjoyed during my teenage years. Unfortunately for my teenage self this was published a little bit after my teenage years. While I still feel that it was a good book at times I felt it was a little, for lack of a better word, simple. I am going to try to explain what I mean by that. To me the book started off how many YA books start off, with an angst ridden teenager who just wants to get out of their town. I was a bit worried when I started reading it because it started off a bit slow and boring. While I did enjoy Lena and Ethan's relationship, the whole star-crossed lovers bit seemed stale. Frankly I rolled my eyes when they threw out the word love.I became most interested in the unveiling of aspects about Casters and loved reading the backstory about Genevieve and Ethan. The ending of the book, in regards to the Claiming, was a letdown. I expected a real decision and not just something that would make a sequel easy. This is a book that I would recommend for YA fans. I am still considering whether to continue on with the series.