A Happy Accident

A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler Overall I did enjoy this book, but unfortunately there were downsides to it. I often became confused while reading this book because it does switch often between the past, the present, and the future and I just felt like I was left to figure out what was going on and to figure out why the flashbacks and flashforwards were relevant. Usually it doesn't take me long to get used to time changes in books but for some reason I just couldn't get used to them in this book. I would have liked this book to have been smoother. It just seemed like some of the events of this book should have been in a book later in the series, and more should have been explained about Kindle's life after Bobby leaves for America.What I did really love about this book was the connection and chemistry between Kindle and Bobby when they finally did decide to make their relationship into something semi-normal (or at least semi-conventional). When they weren't making me annoyed at their behavior (her constantly pushing him away and at times being cruel, and him never thinking about the consequences of his actions and being extremely immature) they really were a good couple.I liked that this book wasn't a traditional romance book, it was like real life. A knight in shining armor didn't just ride in and sweep a woman off her feet leaving them to live happily ever after. Their lives were messy and their relationship was a struggle but the struggle was worth it because of the love they felt.I would recommend this book to romance fans looking for something different to read.[I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.]