I Know You Know

I Know You Know - Gilly MacMillan

I was completely engrossed in this book from the moment I started it. This book follows a few different characters who all are connected in some way to the murders of two young boys. One of the characters is Cody Swift who was best friends with those two boys. He has started a podcast twenty years later to uncover the truth. Even though someone had been convicted of the crime he is digging up the past to see if the correct person was convicted.


I cannot say that I really liked any of the characters. To me the all seemed to have ulterior motives. I still did enjoy reading about them though. I got so sucked into their lives and what had happened to the murdered boys, Scott and Charlie, that I was dying to know the truth. I thought I knew what was going to be revealed in the end but was wrong. Ultimately I was a bit disappointed with who was behind the murders of Scott and Charlie but I did enjoy the twist at the end.


I won this book from a Librarything Early Reviewer's giveaway. That does not affect my review in any way.