Promise Me Eternity - Ian Fox Everybody wants something from Dr. Simon Patterson; his wife, Helen, wants him to make more money so she can have better things, his chief at the hospital wants him to just concentrate on being a neurosurgeon, and his assistant, Jerry, wants Simon to let him become an associate. With all these people harping on him for something Simon finds himself running into the arms of Christine Vucci, the wife of local mobster Carlo Vucci. In the end no one is safe from all the revenge going around.There are many characters in this book which at first had me a little confused but once I got used to all the characters I was hooked at how all their lives seemed intricately connected. While the book is mainly about Simon it does also follow the relationships of others and some glimpses into the lives of the other characters. Throughout many of the relationships in the book there seemed to be one character that was controlling and the other that seemed weak. This can be seen through the many romantic relationships, i.e Simon and Helen, Anita and Jerry, Carlo and Christine. I liked the contrasting of the controlling and weak characters.I loved the action in this book, it was fast-paced and I couldn't get enough of it. I also liked that with the action there was also some mystery, like who really killed Helen? I have to say that I was surprised when it was finally revealed who killed her.In regards to Simon's arrest and trial, from what I had read I didn't think the police really did have enough evidence to arrest them and really not enough to try him for murder. That is probably just the paralegal student in me though.I was happy to see some characters get their revenge in the end. In the end those characters who were driven to do deceitful things get knocked down a notch.Overall this is a fast-paced book that jumps into the action right away. Readers are shown characters with different wants and just how far they are willing to go get what they want. For some of these characters you'd get chills just to see how far they are willing to go.[I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.]