REUNION - Jeff Bennington I was curious to read this book because I have some experience with a topic in the book. There was a shooting at my university my freshman year and I had a hard time dealing with it. That being said I can somewhat relate to characters in the book. (My story was quite different from that of the book and I'll just concentrate on the book and not my story.)I wouldn't really put this book into one specific genre because it seems to span a couple of genres. The beginning of the book is quite disturbing and can be seen as somewhat a horror story. It was necessary for the reader to be shown the shooting though because the rest of the novel relied upon it. I liked the contrast of what the characters were like in high school as opposed to how they are like as adults still trying to deal with what happened to them.This book also deals with the paranormal and connects it with the shooting. I was initially really into all the paranormal activity in the book until it was revealed what the cause behind it was. I felt that it wasn't realistic that certain people would go to such a length to keep David Ray alive. In fact I was disgusted by that. That certainly made me like the book less, but I still thought the book was relatively good. I would recommend this book to paranormal fans and to those who are not squeamish.