Requiem - This book was great, until the ending. This started off really strong and just kept getting stronger. I liked the action; the love triangle between Alex, Lena, and Julian; and getting to see Hana's point of view. This book kept building and building for what I thought would be a great explosion at the end. I thought for sure that we would finally get to see Lena decide who to be with, and that we would get to see with the Resistance was successful. To my dismay the ending leaves those things wide open. It felt to me as though the author reached her page limit and had to wrap it up really quickly. I really did feel like breaking some walls after reading that ending.I was ready to give this book five stars until I got to the ending. This book had great action, a great love triangle, and some great moments with Lena's mom; unfortunately it just peters out at the end.