The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America

The Perfect Victim - Natasha Snow I have been wanting to read this book now for years, and have now finally gotten around to it. I live in the Chicago area so I found it really interesting to read about some history of Chicago. There are two storylines of this book, one looking at the planning, building, and events of the World's Columbian Expedition of 1893, and one looking at the serial killer H. H. Holmes and his murder spree while the Expedition took place. Personally I feel like this could have been split into two different books. I thought both stories where interesting and while they are both connected by the World's Columbian Expedition I didn't feel like they belonged in one book together. It almost seemed like Erik Larson didn't have enough on either subject to make a whole book out of so he threw them together. I would have really loved more details about both the World's Columbian Expedition and H. H. Holmes. Even though I feel the storylines should have been split into two different books I really did enjoy the book. It was fascinating learning about an important historic event in Chicago and also learning about the sick killer that was H. H. Holmes. I would recommend this to people who live in Chicago or who are really interested in the World's Columbian Expedition.