His Majesty's Hope: A Maggie Hope Mystery

His Majesty's Hope - Susan Elia MacNeal Finally Maggie gets to be a spy and she is off on a mission to Germany to help England gain more information on Commandant Hess (her German spy mother). I loved getting to see Maggie as a spy, it was definitely a harder side to her but she still managed to stay mostly true to herself.Getting to actually read about Maggie's mother and her half-sister Elise was definitely interesting and I hope that Maggie eventually is able to make contact with Elise again. I felt that is was definitely fitting that John ended up being nursed by Elise and that he was brought back together with Maggie through Elise's help (even if she didn't know that they loved each other). I can only hope that John and Maggie are able to patch things up.I really enjoyed this one and I liked getting to see Maggie in action.