Hard Eight (A Stephanie Plum Novel) (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Hard Eight  - Janet Evanovich I really didn't like this one. It felt like it took me forever to finish it because it was just so boring (I don't really like Ranger that much and don't really want Stephanie to have a relationship with him but even I was cheering for her to sleep with him just to have something spice this up a bit.). This didn't add much to the series at all. I probably could have done without this one. The highlights of this book were Grandma Mazur asking about how to do cybersex, Albert Kloughn getting stuck in the dryer, and a man wearing a rabbit head whipping out his ding-a-ling in front of Stephanie and Grandma Mazur. I still plan on reading more of this series and I hope it picks up a bit.