The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry - It seems like it took me a longer amount of time to read this book than it took Harold to finish his pilgrimage. I really thought that this book was going to be great but it was only okay. I think the reason that this book didn't completely click with me is because as a twenty-something I don't share the same life experiences with Harold that were so important to him.When Harold first started his pilgrimage I was totally all for it and was excited about seeing where it lead. To me it seemed like he definitely needed a break from Maureen (I did not like her at all in the beginning) and that this would help him. Gradually as Harold continues on with his pilgrimage my interest started to wane. I became annoyed with how much "mystery" there was about what happened to David when it was obvious to me what had happened to him way before it was revealed. I also really didn't want to read about "the pilgrims" (Ron, and the others). I could have done without reading about them. What I did enjoy about this book was the growth that Harold goes through during his pilgrimage. I would probably recommend this book to someone with more life experiences than me, who would be able to better connect with Harold.