Only Time Will Tell (Clifton Chronicles Series #1)

Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer This is the first book by Jeffrey Archer that I have read, and right now I am debating whether to continue on with this series or not (I do plan on reading some of Archer's other books though). This book started off great and I really enjoyed reading about Harry Clifton. I also enjoyed the changes in point of view between the main characters, it really enhanced the story for me. I loved the first half of the book and if it had continued the way it began it would have been a great book. Sadly in the second half of the book everything seemed to go off the rails. Some of the events of the second half of the book made me lose interest in the book and wonder where the book was going. Even though I could have passed on parts of this book I still liked it. I haven't quite made up my mind yet to continue on with the series but I am curious to see what Archer's other books will be like.