True Believers

True Believers - Kurt Andersen Kurt Andersen weaves together a beautiful story about life in the 1960s and the dangerous actions some made for the greater good (or at least what they thought was the greater good). I unfortunately was not around during the 1960s so I don't have experiences to compare with this book but I do live in the Chicagoland area so I was able to connect with this novel more through that.Karen Hollander was a nominee to be the next Supreme Court justice until she mysteriously took herself out of the running. She starts to write a memoir to finally tell the truth of what really happened with her and a group of friends in 1968.I love how fleshed out and complete this story felt. Readers who want to read a story and not just tons of action this is the story for you. Andersen is a master storyteller.This was a great historical fiction book. Reading this really felt like I was there with Karen and her friends protesting Vietnam. I would definitely recommend this to others.