Shelter: A Novel - Frances Greenslade This was a beautiful story about the relationship between sisters and about the relationship between daughters and their mother. This was beautifully written and I connected so well with the characters that I couldn't put it down. The relationship between Maggie and Jenny reminded me of my sister and I. I can't say that the relationship between Irene and her daughters reminded me of my mom and my sister and I though. I enjoyed the complexities in all the relationships in this book. I have to say that I was completely hooked on the book and so attached to it up until a point. That point being when Rita tells Maggie the story that Irene told her. For some reason while reading that part I just felt less connected with the characters and the story and my interest in it dropped off a little. I did enjoy the ending though and I would recommend this book to others. I feel like this would be a great read for mothers and daughters and sisters to enjoy together.[I received an ARC from the publisher, that in no way affects the content of my review]