The Professionals (Stevens and Windermere Series #1)

The Professionals - Owen Laukkanen In these times with a failing economy this book strikes a chord with readers. Four friends, who are recent graduates, find themselves unable to get jobs. So what do they end up doing? They decide to kidnap rich men for ransom in order to make a living.I liked that we stepped right into the kidnapping action. You didn't have to wait through a long introduction of the characters, you got to know who they were while they were kidnapping a man. One thing that kind of irked me about the book was that after first being introduced to a character, the majority of the characters were then referred to as their last names. That may just be the style that the author thought best fit this book but for some reason it just annoyed me a bit. It was only a minor annoyance and didn't really detract from my interest in the story.During the story I felt my alliegance split between the kidnappers and between the FBI team. In the beginning I really felt for the kidnappers and really rooted for them, but once the investigation started and I began to to get to know Stevens and Windemere, I began to root for them. Towards the middle I started to find the kidnappers annoying and it was hard for me to connect with them. At the end I was completely on the side of Stevens and Windemere.Overall I thought the book was a good book, just not great. I can't quite agree with all the blurbs about this book. While it was a good book I can't quite use the words they used to describe it. It was a promising debut by Owen Laukkanen and I am looking forward to seeing his work grow.[I won this book from a contest on the author's facebook, that in no way affects the content of my review.]