Reel Life

Reel Life - Jackie Townsend What made me really want to read this book was the whole idea of associating movies with importants events in the lives of the sisters. What made me even more excited about this book was the fact that it explored the relationship between sisters and the relationship between a mother and her daughters.I really connected well with the characters in the book. I could especially relate to the relationship between Betty and Jamie because I have an older sister myself. I really related to the line "Sisters are always there for each other" because I remember my mother telling my sister and I that when we were little. In fact in many ways I could connect my family with the family in the book.I really enjoyed the connection between the movies and the different events in the lives of the sisters. I really connected with the first chapter (dealing with The Wizard of Oz) because it reminded me of watching the movie with my sister and mother when I was little.I liked seeing the contrast in most of the chapters of the sisters when they are adults and when they were growing up. Usually when there are time changings within I chapter I am confused at first but not with this book, I understood it right away.While I really enjoyed the book I feel that it could stand some more editing. There were some grammar mistakes and a few other minor mistakes but the thing that really distracted me from the book was that sometimes I couldn't tell who was talking during the dialogue. I found myself having to go back and try to map out who was saying what.Overall I felt this was a really good book that beautifully lays out the complexities of the relationship between sisters and between a mother and her daughters.[I won this book from a Librarything Members Giveaway, that in no way affects the content of my review.]