Let Us Prey

Let Us Prey - Jamie Scott I received this novel from a GoodReads giveaway, this in no way affects the content of my review.This novel follows Mimi Capurro, a former member of the Secret Service turned Private Investigator, as she investigates the murder of a bestselling author's personal assistant. There's only one problem though, her ex-boyfriend Nick is one of the police officers investigating the murder and he wants her to back off the case and let the police investigate. The investigation leads Mimi to a Vampire live role-playing game that is somehow connected with the murder, and it also leaves Mimi targeted by the murderer. Will Mimi break the case or will she be forced to leave it to the police?I would give this a 4 and here is my explanation why. The characters were well-developed, the plot was interesting and some of the twists definitely surprised me. I did enjoy the complicated relationship between Mimi and Nick, and I enjoyed that the background of their relationship was laid out in detail. The one thing that I felt did detract from the story were some minor typos. I feel like this was a great start to a series and I would be interested in reading more about Mimi.