Mission Flats

Mission Flats - William Landay This novel shows life as a police officer in two different places; Mission Flats in Boston and Versailles, a small town in Maine. Ben Truman, the police chief of Versailles finds the body of a D.A of Boston in a cabin on the lake. Ben Truman becomes emerged entangled in the investigation of the murder and finds that his investigation leads him back to murders that happened years ago. He finds out that the D.A's murder isn't as clear-cut as it looks.I loved getting to see the point-of-view of a police officer during an investigation. I also loved the contrast between the Boston police officers and Ben Truman the police chief of a small town. This novel was filled with suspense and turns that will leave you guessing at who has committed these murders. At one point during the book I thought I had everything figured out but I learned just how wrong I had it. I would recommend this novel to fans of crime fiction and to anyone who loves a good read.