A Partial History of Lost Causes

A Partial History of Lost Causes - I received this book free from the publisher from a contest held on their website. This in no way affects the content of my review.This novel basically revolves around the question of "What do you do when you know you are facing a lost cause?" The novel centers around two characters, Irina Ellison and Aleksandr Bezetov. Irina Ellison is an English lecturer in Massachusetts, whose father passed away from Huntington's disease (of which Irina has inherited from him). Aleksandr Bezetov is a former Russian chess world champion who is now running a political campaign against Putin, which he is certain that he will lose.Irina goes on a quest to Russia to meet Aleksandr and find out the answers to questions that her father had written to him in a letter and never received the answers. She wants to find out "How to proceed when you know that you are losing?"Not knowing much about Russia this novel opened my eyes some to Russian culture and Russian politics. The novel was hauntingly beautiful. The way that Jennifer duBois captures the souls of the characters in this story and actually attacks the question about lost causes is quite amazing. This is a novel that I got lost in. This novel is breathtaking and it has a purpose behind it. It had me thinking about lost causes. This debut by Jennifer duBois is definitely going to make a big splash when it is released.