Presumed Innocent

Presumed Innocent - Scott Turow Many people had recommended me to read Scott Turow's books because I love legal thrillers. I was able to finally read this book and now I just wish I had read it earlier than I did. I wish I had read this years ago because after reading recent legal thrillers I feel like this book for me didn't live up to all the hype and praise that surrounded it. Don't get me wrong it was written very well and it had some great twists and turns but I felt like it wasn't the best legal thriller I had read. I feel like my opinions on the book would have been different if it was the first legal thriller I had read. I really am looking forward to reading more of Scott Turow's books, and I would definitely recommend this book to fans of legal thrillers. It is a strong book, and a great legal thriller, but just not my favorite legal thriller.