The Preacher

The Preacher - After reading the first book in this series and really enjoying it I knew that I had to continue on with the series. This book starts off with Erica pregnant with her and Patrick's first child. I was so excited that they were together and having a child. The only thing that I was disappointed about in regards to the pregnancy was that Erica goes into labor at the end and we are not told whether they have a boy or a girl. Oh well guess I have to wait for the next book to find out.I thought the whole idea about the unsolved murders was really interesting. I liked all the twists and turns that happened during the investigation of those murders and of the disappearance of Jenny Moller. I wish there would have been a happier ending for Jenny Moller, but I was really happy that we find out the background story as to what happened to Johannes. I thought this book was as good as the first if not better.