Dream When You're Feeling Blue

Dream When You're Feeling Blue - Elizabeth Berg

I came across this book in the library and after reading the book summary I decided to read it. The book takes place during World War II and it shows the lives of a family during the war. It particularly shows the lives of the three daughters, Kitty, Tish, and Louise. There are a couple twists and turns throughout this book and that is what made me love it. At the end the book shows where the characters are in the year 2006, and I found myself upset with where some of the characters were but then I realized that for the book to be what it was that it had to end that way. I was fond of Kitty because she seemed like the one that I would be friends with and also because my family calls my sister Kitty. I would recommend this book to those interested in WWII and to women in general. This book made me want to read more fiction on WWII.