One Day

One Day - David Nicholls I am so glad that I choose this book to borrow from the library (in fact I'm even thinking of buying my own copy). This is the story of Emma and Dexter, and the events that happen on a certain date, July 15, each year for twenty years. From the start I fell in love with the characters. It felt like I was peeking into the lives of some of my best friends. As Emma and Dexter went through their own trials and joys I felt for them. I was cheering them on to become a couple from the start.Throughout this book I was laughing, yelling, smiling, and crying. This is the best book that I have read in years. It's one of those books that comes along and changes you after you've read it. You feel different, like you've gone through a change.I would recommend this book to everyone, and I mean everyone. Whether you need a book to pass the time on the train to work, or your reading group is looking for a book to read, take the time to read this book you'll be happy that you did.