Remedies - Kate Ledger

I won this book from a GoodReads giveaway. This book centers on Simon, a doctor with his private practice attached to his home, and his wife Emily, who is a partner at a big PR firm. This book is about their struggle to maintain their marriage because of what happened to them fifteen years ago, their newborn son Caleb died.The book is separated into five parts. To me the first part went a little slowly because it was mostly medical stuff (following Simon around at his practice). But the book quickly picked up speed to me in the second part. I have to say that for most of the book I absolutely hated Simon. He is an egomaniac who it seems got into the medical field for the wrong reason. My hatred for Simon was so strong that at parts I really didn't want to continue on reading. But I stuck through it, and now I'm really glad I did.The book also shows the strained relationship between Emily and her daughter Jamie, whom she had after Caleb's death. Jamie was another character that drove me insane. She was whiny, and rude, and if I were her mother I just wouldn't have stood for it. Once again though my feelings towards Jamie changed towards the end of the book.In the end we find out that Simon is being investigated by the DEA for prescribing too many narcotics (being tipped off by a disgruntled former nurse from Simon's practice). In my eyes it seemed like he stopped being an egomaniac and started realizing how his actions were affecting people, and he just seemed more likeable to me. I actually started to feel bad for Simon.I also felt bad for Jamie at the end. We find out that she was very unhappy at camp and considered self-harming herself. After finding out this information I began to realize why she was how she was before in the book. She and Emily begin seeing a therapist and to work on their relationship.I really loved the transformation of the characters and I really loved the plot of the book. I would recommend that people read this book. (And don't give up when you think you can't take anymore of egomaniac Simon, he does get more likeable.)