Love and Shame and Love

Love and Shame and Love - Peter Orner I won this book from a GoodReads giveaway. The book centers around the Popper family, four generations of it. The book actually skips around in point of view and date. That had me a little confused when I first started reading it but I eventually became used to it. This book seems to chronicle just how unhappy each generation of this family was. The grandmother(Bernice) and mother(Miriam) are unhappy in their marriages (and eventually both stray from their marriages), the father(Phillip) is unhappy with the his wife's betrayal. But I'm not quite sure how to describe the main character, Alexander Popper. It seemed to me that he was stuck in the consequences of his family's actions.This book at times had me confused, mainly because of it's organization and then sometimes because of the plot I guess. After I finished reading this I was still left thinking about everything that had happened in the book. I'm still a little confused about some things, but my mind has wrapped itself around most of it. I would say that this is something that I think people should read. I can definitely see this as a book that is taught in schools in years to come.I loved that this book took place in Chicago and the Chicagoland area considering I am from Chicago and currently live in the Chicagoland area. (I love that it mentioned Schaumburg, and Woodfield Mall.) It was really nice being able to actually know the areas that they were talking about. I also loved the mention of local Chicago politics (just don't get me started on the Daleys though).I apologize if this review isn't really helpful, it's just hard for me to accurately describe this book. All I can say is go out and read this book.