The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty I have read two other books by Liane Moriarty (What Alice Forgot and The Hypnotist's Love Story) and enjoyed them so when I saw all the hype about this book I decided to buy it. This book definitely lives up to the hype and I am really glad that I bought it.This book follows three different women; Cecilia, Rachel, and Tees. Cecilia is the first one that readers meet. She discovers a letter that her husband, who is still alive, had written to her for her to read upon his death. She struggles with whether or not she should read the letter. Little does she know that the letter contains a secret that will turn her world upside-down.Cecilia's husband's secret is not that hard to figure out but I feel like the story is still interesting. I love that the story switched the point-of-view between the three women. I really enjoyed all of the women's stories and liked how they sort of intertwined. I was so hooked in this book and just didn't want to put it down. I just felt this spark of electricity run through me as I read this book.I absolutely loved the ending and how it showed what could have happened if certain characters had taken different actions. I would highly recommend this book, especially to book clubs.