What Alice Forgot - Liane Moriarty I feel like this book gave me emotional whiplash; there was confusion, joy, irritation, sadness, and extreme anger to name a few. I started off this book with the same feelings as Alice, confusion as to what is going on. Once I got passed my confusion I really started to love this story. Alice was a bit irritating at first but eventually I really started to like her. I was really rooting for her to get back together with Nick. I also loved the side story of her sister's struggles with infertility. Elisabeth's story was compelling and I really loved her. I really loved this book while Alice had lost her memory but when she finally regained it I began to hate the book. It went from a 4.5 star book to maybe .5 a star. The epilogue did save the book some for me but I just can't get over what happened when she got her memory back.