The Girl Below - Bianca Zander I'm not sure exactly how to feel about this book. It didn't really seem like a 'ghost' story to me, but a story about a woman haunted by her past (and when I say haunted I mean haunted). When I first started reading this book I was confused as to where it would go. It felt like there was some big event from Suki's past that she still hadn't gotten over. After reading this I realize it wasn't really just one event from her past that she hadn't gotten over but really most of her past. This book didn't seem to me to be only a sort of paranormal book but a book about a woman trying to grow up and move on with her life.I felt the book started off well but I eventually grew tired of Suki's seemingly irrational fears. She seemed to obsess over the things she feared and I grew tired of hearing about them. Also at certain times while reading this book I would wonder what the purpose of the story was. What as a reader was I supposed to be getting out of this book? I still haven't really figured it out.The ending seemed a bit weak, as though the story just petered off. It really wasn't a bad book but it was just odd.