Inadvertent Disclosure (Sasha McCandless Legal Thrillers #2) - Melissa F. Miller I loved the first book in the Sasha McCandless series so once I found out that the second book in the series was released I immediately bought it. I am happy to say that this book did not let me down at all, in fact it exceeded my expectations. I'll try to describe just how great I thought this book was but words may fail me.Sasha McCandless is back and this time she finds herself in Cold Brook County for a trial and eventually ends up trying to figure out who killed Cold Brook County's only judge. This book is packed with suspense. Sasha even gets the chance to use her Krav Maga training again. She may be small but she packs a hard punch when faced with attackers and against opposing counsel in court.If you love legal thrillers or are a fan of suspense I would highly recommend not only this book but also the Sasha McCandless series. I am really looking forward to the third book in the series being released.