Critical Mass - Susan Howard I've decided that for this review I am just going to make a list of the good and the bad.The good:-The author did a good job in describing the characters and places.-The book really picked up and my interest grew when Morgan arrived at the Limbo complex.-I liked the Morgan's character growth as he interacts with the people at Limbo.The bad:-The beginning was kind of confusing because of the switch in time.-The author never stated when there was a passing of time or a flashback so the reader had to basically figure it out on their own. This made the whole first half of the book confusing to me.-At points this book became very preachy and propaganda-like.-Some of the dialogue of the African American characters was stereotypical and verged on offensive a bit.-The press conference that took place in the book was unrealistic. There is no way that the FBI would give out all that info to the press (i.e. giving a list of witnesses, telling the press what they will charge the suspect with before they even charge him).So basically the bad kind of outweighed the good in this book. I picked this up for free on Amazon and probably wouldn't spend any money on this book. I personally would not recommend this book to anyone.