Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson This book was like a darker 50 First Dates, meets a lifetime movie I saw a couple years ago, meets a ton of build-up with little satisfaction at the end. I really enjoyed the book in the beginning and could not put it down. However I grew tired of reading about the same events over and over with only a couple new things rarely thrown in. At times I became so tired with just reading the parts of Christine's journal which repeated everything over and over that I started coming up with my own ideas of what really happened to her. When I reached the end I was definitely disappointed. After all the build-up in the book, that ending just didn't seem to be enough to me. After I finished reading this I realized that I couldn't put this book down only because I couldn't wait to see whether the book had been worth reading through journal entries to get to the big event at the end. Sadly, for me, it wasn't worth it.