The Insider - Reece Hirsch This book started off with a suicide only a couple pages in, and I felt hooked in by that. Unfortunately my interest began waning in the book only a few pages later. This book suddenly became a formulaic legal thriller; throw in some Russian gangsters, murder, terrorism, corrupt lawyers, and a scared as all hell protagonist. This has just been written already too many times, nothing seemed fresh.Some of the situations in this book did not seem at all realistic to me. It never felt like Will was in enough danger from Yuri and Nikolai for him to not have gone to the police. Yuri and Nikolai seemed more like fumbling fools than tough gangsters. Also the ending in regards to what happened with the investigation of Will didn't seem realistic at all. You mean to tell me just because all those departments that are investigating him receive one piece of evidence that Will is just cleared.I came into reading this book hoping for something new and fresh, and sadly just found the same old thing.