Irretrievably Broken (Sasha McCandless Legal Thrillers #3) - Melissa F. Miller Sasha is back and taking on cases that she has never handled before. When two female lawyers from Sasha's old law firm, Prescott & Talbott, are murdered and their husbands are accused of those murders, Sasha is asked by the firm to represent the husbands. Criminal law is something Sasha has no experience with but she still manages to bring the same spunkiness to court. Sasha isn't only stressed-out from work she is also dealing with problems in her relationship with Leo Connelly.It was nice to see Sasha doing something new, and even unfamiliar to her. It was interesting to see a more vulnerable side to Sasha with her doubts about the criminal cases and her feelings about Leo. The suspense and twists in regards to the murders left me hooked on the book. The action at the end really had my heart racing (as I'm sure Sasha's was too). I found the end part about the relationship between Sasha and Leo to be cute and left me wanting to know what will happen with them next.I can't wait for the next book in this series. This is definitely one of my favorite series' and Sasha (in all her Krav Maga, butt-kicking glory) is an intriguing, and fun to read about character.