The Replacement Wife - Eileen Goudge I finished this book a few days ago and haven't gotten around to reviewing it because I have been busy. From reading the synopsis of this book I knew it was a book I had to read. I loved the main character, Camille; she was easy to relate to and easy to sympathize with. Even though I knew that her cancer would return I was felt for her when it happened. I could understand Camille's actions in regards to finding someone to take care of her husband and kids after she is gone. I could also understand how her plan backfired, but that doesn't mean that I liked what Edward did. I know that he felt she was trying to push him off onto someone else but that doesn't give him permission to cheat on his dying wife. I was happy, but not surprised, that Camille beat the cancer. I didn't expect her and Edward to stay together after that but I didn't want him with Angie either. I hated Angie. Stealing a dying woman's husband is disgusting. I was not a big fan of Edward and Angie getting married. I felt no warm and fuzzy feelings when reading that part. I did end up liking Camille more because she handled it with grace. Overall this was a good book that I would recommend to women.[I won this book from a Librarything Early Reviewers giveaway. That does not affect the content of my review in any way.]