The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister - Nonna Bannister,  Carolyn Tomlin,  Denise George I really was fascinated with Nonna and her diaries that she kept. I was amazed at all the work she did to keep her diaries in her possession and all the work she did translating them. I also admire her family for putting those translations together and making a book out of them and telling the world about Nonna's story.I was astounded with some of the horrible things that were done to Nonna and her family. Getting to actually read what Nonna wrote about what happened to her really made me connect with her.I have to say that although I did enjoy reading this, I think this could use more editing. To me the way some of the diary entries were ordered made it a little confusing. I would have liked to have seen this completely in chronological order. I just feel like this could have been polished more.Overall I thought this was good. I really felt for Nonna and her family and am glad to have read her story.