The First Lady Of Fleet Street: The Life Of Rachel Beer: Crusading Heiress And Newspaper Pioneer - Yehuda Koren,  Eilat Negev I was completely unaware of who Rachel Beer was before I started reading this book. I came across this book and read the summary of it and knew that this was a book that I would like. This book shows the life of Rachel Beer, the owner and editor of two newspapers in England during a time when woman didn't hold such important jobs. The book also shows us the life of her husband, Frederick Beer. I loved getting to hear about the ancestors of both Rachel and Frederick. I found this to be absolutely fascinating and very informative. Rachel Beer was a very interesting woman and it was such a shame to see what her life eventually became. I am really glad that I decided to read this and that I learned what a force Rachel Beer was. I would recommend this to those interested in journalism (especially the history of it), also to those interested in the woman's suffrage movement in England.