Standby, Chicago - Rich Walls What started out as a regular business trip turned into an experience to never forget. Standby, Chicago follows James Haskins a twenty-two year old on his first business trip to Chicago. His business meeting turns sour but it is okay because James has met Amy. Amy and James click right away and as their relationship sprouts James feels his trip and himself changing.The characters in this book were easy to connect to and likeable. I found myself interested in hearing more about James' past (i.e. his parents' death, Liz) but I know that the book was mainly supposed to highlight the relationship between James and Amy. I found Amy harder to connect to than James because there is little to no background on her in the book. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just that I would have liked to have heard more about her. I just loved Claire and Phil and how they welcomed James into their home. I just can't say enough about how I loved the characters in this book.The writing was great, the plot was great, and I loved that this book was based in Chicago. Chicago is my hometown so I loved knowing where the characters were (I also loved the Blackhawks shout-out. Go Hawks!). The way Chicago winter is portrayed is definitely correct.Overall I enjoyed the book and was satisfied with the ending. It is a relatively short book but that doesn't mean that it is lacking in substance. I plan on sharing this with my friends.