Then Again - Diane Keaton I decided to read Diane Keaton's memoir because I am a fan of her acting. I have to say it was really hard for me to get through this. Diane Keaton writes this memoir as half her memoir and half her mother's memoir. I thought the beginning was good. I liked how she included her mother's journal entries. After I got through the beginning the memoir went downhill fast. Diane Keaton came off as whiny and completely neurotic. I found myself annoyed with her throughout most of the memoir and I just couldn't wait for the end. Towards the end I did like when Keaton would describe her relationship with her children, it seemed to show a different side to her. My overall thoughts on Keaton's memoir are just because you can write a memoir doesn't mean you should. I would probably only recommend this book to really dedicated fans of hers, if I had to recommend it to someone.