Saturation - Jennifer Place I won this ebook from a Library Thing Member's giveaway. I was interested in this book because of the fact that alcoholism runs in my family. I've always been curious of what life was like for them with their struggles with alcohol but I've always been too afraid to ask them. This book helped me better understand what they are going through.Jennifer Place, in this memoir, writes about her struggles with alcohol; from going to jail, to being in and out of treatment facilities. Place doesn't hold back in the book, she describes her struggle with such honesty that you as a reader feel that you are taking her journey with her. At times I felt myself a tad annoyed with her when she would use biting words at others but that's just who she is and she doesn't apologize for it. The ending seemed a little abrupt to me, but I would love to in the future hear more about her journey.