In Her Defense - Stephen Horn When I saw this book in the library I immediately knew that it was a legal thriller (I could tell from the title, I'm such a great detective). I am a big fan of legal thrillers so I was super excited to read this one. The story follows a lawyer who used to have everything, a partnership at a good law firm and a loving family, until he gave it all away. Now he comes across a trial to redeem himself, the "Ashley Benson trial."Overall this book was good, I loved the action between the Frank and the prosecutor in the courtroom and Frank's investigative team was a band of intriguing characters. The one thing that I thought was a little iffy about this book was the romance between Frank and Ashley Benson, it seemed too contrived to me. I frankly couldn't see much real connection between the two characters but suddenly they were "in love" and making love every night. I just wasn't into it.I would recommend this book to fans of legal thrillers, if you don't mind a little over the top romance on the side.