Are Introverts Only Good at Researching?

Today at work someone in the office was talking loudly on their phone (I couldn't help but overhear) about hiring someone new. I couldn't believe my ears at what this person was saying. This person was talking about a test that the applicants had to take that would tell their personality type (introvert or extrovert). Well then they started talking about a specific candidate and the person said "Well their score put them in the introvert category, and introverts are just not what we are looking for here." I, being an introvert myself, heard this and became annoyed with what I was hearing. The man then proceeded to say "Introverts are only good at things like researching. They just like to be alone and they are good at empathizing. If I wanted someone to just sit and research LinkedIn all day then I'd hire an introvert."


You can imagine the rage I felt at those statements. While I am pretty darn good at researching that is not the only thing I am good at while at work. I was just amazed at all the misconceptions that this man was saying. Many introverts are highly successful workers in so-called "extrovert jobs." We are not just highly emotional people that like to sit in a corner researching on our computers.